What is Tarot Card Reading in Astrology ?

Tarot card reading is a practice that involves using a deck of special cards to gain insight into current and future events, emotions, and outcomes. While tarot cards are not directly associated with astrology (which focuses on the positions and movements of celestial bodies), they are often used alongside astrology as a tool for divination and self-reflection.

Advantages of tarot card reading in astrology include:

  1. Personal Insight: Tarot card readings can provide individuals with deep insights into their personal lives, including relationships, career paths, and spiritual growth. This can lead to a better understanding of oneself and one’s motivations.
  2. Clarity and Guidance: Tarot cards can offer clarity in times of confusion or uncertainty. They provide guidance on navigating challenges and making decisions, helping individuals feel more confident in their choices.
  3. Exploration of Subconscious: Tarot readings have the potential to tap into the subconscious mind, uncovering hidden desires, fears, and motivations. This can lead to profound personal growth and self-awareness.
  4. Empowerment: Tarot readings empower individuals by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and choices. They remind people that they have the power to shape their own futures through their thoughts and actions.
  5. Validation: Tarot readings can validate one’s feelings and experiences, providing comfort and reassurance during difficult times. They can also affirm the intuition and gut feelings that individuals may have but struggle to trust.
  6. Creative Thinking: Tarot cards stimulate creative thinking and imagination. They encourage individuals to explore different perspectives and possibilities, fostering a more open-minded approach to life’s challenges.
  7. Holistic Perspective: Tarot readings offer a holistic perspective on life, encompassing various aspects such as emotions, spirituality, relationships, and practical matters. This comprehensive view helps individuals make more balanced decisions.

Overall, the advantage of tarot card reading lies in its ability to provide personal insight, guidance, empowerment, and validation, ultimately facilitating personal growth and self-discovery.

Author: Sharad Khare

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